Ocean Care Solutions

Providing solutions for marine sting including a variety of jellyfish, Lionfish, Portuguese Man of War, Stingray, Fire Coral and Sea Urchin injuries

Lidocaine Free
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Immediate Relief
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Easy to Use
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Safe, Simple,
Easy to Use


Don’t let a jellyfish sting ruin your day at the beach…

Be sure to take along our specially formulated sting relief made with 5% acetic acid… Safe and proven 100% effective on a number of stinging jellies… Don’t get stung without it…

Be prepared on your next trip to the sea by taking along the Gold Standard for marine sting first aid… Ocean Care Solutions… you’ll be glad you did…


Pick one or mix and match any of our marine sting first aid kits for your beach or ocean activities… Durable, water tight WITH easy to follow, medically supported first aid instructions to provide immediate first aid relief..Kits are only $17.95.

Be sure to take along Ocean Care Solutions Marine Sting First Aid Products your next trip to the beach, windsurfing, surfing, open water swimming, snorkel or dive trip.


Arrived promptly. Was stung by a jelly fish the next week and used the spray. The stinging went away immediately. This product really works!